Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treasure hunting...thrifty finds

Well I can not seem to help my self now. Those who know me knows that waking up early is not my idea of FUN. But when it means going to a garage sale that states they have Pyrex that's another story. Here are my finds from the week end

$5 gravy boat. I believe this pattern is old town blue

I almost die when I saw this one. $5 with out the lid

We found these at VV. I was not going to get it but we found 2 the 404, 403. They had lots of marks on them but after a little tlc they are very nice. This pattern is Shenadoah

I never had the intention of buying the pots but Kyle thought they would look cool on display.

I have been wanting to chip & dip set from Pyrex, but for $2 in the mean time we found this one in the original box.

I loved the color of these insulators. $5 for both.

I am not sure it this is true milk glass or not. I don't really know much about milk glass but I really liked it and for $3 at the salvation army I decided to take it home.

We saw this popcorn maker a couple of weeks about at the sally ann and left it there. Well we went back and it was still there. Kyle loves popcorn and I think we are now up to 6 different poppers

Here is the after math of all the washing

I hope you enjoy

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1 comment: said...

Lovely dishes! I also love new nice dishes that suits good to my kitchen design:) When I see something beautiful I just feel that I have to buy that:)

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