Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helping out others.

OK everyone out there that reads my blog. I am calling in so help. I am going to start making cards tonight. I would love to see how many we can make and help Tab at 7 kids college Fund getting this cards to Lisa to give to the kids at the hospital. What an amazing women, she is suffering herself from Cancer and wanting to help out the kids. Simply amazing. Let go all that we can do. Friends that are around me, I will send out 1 parcel for all of us. Please lets take the time and do good for others. I will make sure Tab knows who all participates in our parcel.

Enjoy & TFL

I have copies Tab's blog entry below. But go and check it out as well. 7kidscollegefund

Win a FREE subscription to Paper Crafts magazine!

Papercrafts mage


I am giving away a one-year subscription to Paper Crafts magazine to one lucky customer. This magazine is full of amazing ideas using the most popular products. And, it's not just cards, there are tons of paper crafting projects.

How can you win this one-year subscription? It's easy, and you will be doing something amazing for children with cancer!!! Last week one of my customers told me about how she is currently making cards for the children at the Yale New Haven Hospital suffering from cancer. She herself has cancer and it has been a great blessing to her, even though she is ill, to make cards for these children. Lisa recommends that you write something like "Sending hugs and hoping you get well soon!" as well as signing your name. It really means a lot to the kids.

When I heard about her project, I just knew that there would be many 7 KIDS customers who would like to participate.

So, if you want to make a child hospitalized with cancer smile and you would like a chance to win a year-long subscription to a great magazine, please contact me for my mailing address. I will accept entry cards through Oct. 12. I may also photograph and display some of the cards on the blog.


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