Thursday, August 25, 2011

New love for everything vintage PYREX

In the last few weekends Kyle and I have been out hitting up the odd garage sales. We have always liked going to garage sales and now I have an even better reason to go. Pyrex. One of the blogs that I follow. Willow & paisley is a garage saler as well and she was finding these great pieces for one of her friends that collects pyrex. After reading a number of willows posts and doing some research of my own, I may have found something I will collect. Here is some of the pieces I have found.

This is the smallest of the 3 mixing bowl set. Paid $10 for all 3 at an estate sale in edgemont

So we walk in the garage and the guy having the sale asks me if I was looking for anything particular. Why yes I am. Vintage Pyrex. He yells in to the house to his wife and all you can hear is the wife opening and closing doors in the kitchen. Out she comes with the first 3 mixing bowls. They are not my favorite color but are in great condition. The husband then says. Oh that's Pyrex. I think there is another one somewhere. In the house he goes and brings out the casserole dish. I then paid another $10. All 4 pieces matching $20. My first vintage Pyrex purchase priceless. Lol

Ps. There is more to come

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Anonymous said...

My mom has that casserole dish! You'd be in heaven at her house. :)

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