Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thrifty Saturdays...

I am having so much fun finding little treasures.

This is my greatest find to date. $332 in Stampin' Up product for only $32!! I was so excited. As I already have most of this, I bought it for my Mom.

I like the color of the Ball mason glass. $3 and $1 for the insulator that looks "nothing" like a part of the male anatomy. Hehehe

I am really not to sure about this. I don't love it. Anyone interested?? The Pyrex is marked made in england

Now this one I do love. It is on the kitchen table $2

Another blue fridgie and a mini casserole each were $2.

And this last one is a cake pan, must find another one so I have a set of 2. You always need 2 cake pans

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks finds. Joyce....if you are reading this. I have a blue fridgie for you. The one that I put the cookies in :-)


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2 comments: said...

I love everything you mentioned! The thing from England looks vintage and old. I collect vintage things. They create an atmosphere of ancient times and rather forgotten traditions.
Olivia Cust

Zoe eoZ said...

So cool.
Please give me any advice for my blog.

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