Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedding Invitations update

I have had many of you ask "What font did I use on this Wedding Invitation"?
It was a combination of 2 font types. The first letter of the Bride and Grooms Name, Map and RSVP is called Bickham Script Fancy 2. The rest of the invitations is Palatino Linotype. I took my a while to find the font.
If you would like me to send you the font file, Please leave me a comment and I will get that out to you as soon as I can.
Enjoy & TFL


QueenPam said...

I would love to have the font file thanks so much. browpr at gmail dot com. Thanks so much QP

Tracy Greven said...

I would love the font files along with the dimensions of the actual invitations (if possile). My cousin is getting married and wants me to make up some "mock" invites for her to choose from and I love this.


Anonymous said...

May I have the font file? The invitation is gorgeous!!!! My email is Thanks

Nancy said...

I'd love the font file as well! Lovely creations!

Susan Mac Donald said...

The invitation is extremely elegant! I, too, would like a copy of this font. I think it's THEEEEE
font for weddings. GREAT job!

dj_pinkey said...

I love your font and would very much appreciate the file. This is gorgeous!

Ann said...

My daughter is getting married in May and I want to get a jump on the invites. Please email the font file. Thanks so much.

Ann C.

Anonymous said...

I absolutley love this invite! You are so talented! I too would love to get the font file and dimensions from you if possible.
Thanks so much for the inspiration:)
Chelsea Lee

Anonymous said...

Love this invite. I'm making something similar for my nephew's wedding. I would love the font file if you still have it available to send. Thanks so much.

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