Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you leave me a comment.....

Hello everyone,
I would just like to make a quick comment. If you leave a comment, and would like a reply back, can you please leave your e-mail address or sent me an e-mail at shannafudge@gmail.com.
I have had a number of people asking me questions and I have not been able to get back to them because they don't leave me any contact information.
Jaqueline, I would really like to be able to talk to you, please send me a quick e-mail and we can discuss. ;-)

What a small world!!! said...
Hi Shanna,I wanted to know if you do this invitation in white and silver and what the inside looks like. Please let me know and I also would like a quote.

June 17, 2008 7:09 PM

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