Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Birthday Thanks.

I want to share with you the homemade cards that I have received from family and friends.

This one is from my Mom. She did a great job. Mom your coloring is getting really good!!! Love Ya. I am so glad that you have join me in my obsession.

This one is from my Mother-in-law. At Easter she was telling us that she started a new craft!!!! (I was super excited) She has been doing a little Scrap booking (really only to spend time with her daughter). So when she said she had a new craft, of course, I wanted to she. Well she wouldn't tell us what it was. Well, I think she did an amazing job. She says it is SUPER easy. I can't wait for her to show me.

This one is from my Grandma, one of the ladies at "seniors club" makes cards, and she put her order in. I think a homemade is wonderful no matter who makes it.

And last but not the least.....
this one is from my friend Pam. We actually started stamping around the same time. She has 2 girls that are right into stamping as well.
Thank-you for the birthday cards everyone. They are all very special to me.
Enjoy & TFL

1 comment:

Ila said...

These are all Gorgeous cards!! and A Happy Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope your day was Super Special!!

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